Traditional Voice Lines


Traditional Voice Lines

Typically we can save most companies 30% on their traditional line rental.  We can install or migrate all types of traditional ‘BT’ lines including analogue single lines, analogue multi lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30 services.

Whether you’re moving premises, simply need a new telephone line installing or would like to move all your existing lines over to Border Communications we can do this seamlessly.  Our line transfers are free of charge and our process guarantees a smooth process with no break in service.

If the lines being installed are part of a new telephone system installation we can include them in that project plan and manage the entire process.

The line rental will be added to your single bill. 

Instead of receiving different bills for your line rental, broadband, calls and other data or security products, you’ll only receive one bill from us.  This also means that we are your single point of contact for any issues you have whether that be account queries, faults or orders.  Just contact us or call us on 01743232316 with any queries and we will be happy to help.

Analogue PSTN Lines


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