Talkativo Voice uses your broadband connection to deliver two additional telephone ‘lines’ to your business using Voice over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. These lines can either be connected to standard telephones, or subject to capacity and additional programming, connected into your telephone system.

Briefly, VOIP is a way of carrying telephone calls over the internet. When you use your computer to access a website, the information is transferred between the website and your computer using Internet Protocol. The same communications technology can now be used to carry voice traffic.

Talkativo Voice is delivered as ‘plug and play’. A VOIP adaptor is supplied pre-configured with a lead to plug into your existing Broadband modem, it’s then ready to use.

* Your business benefits from two additional ‘lines’ without paying line rental – a saving of up to 150 per line.
* Don’t miss that important order - make outgoing calls via Talkativo and your incoming lines kept available.
* Maximise the use of your Broadband connection by simultaneously making telephone calls and accessing the internet.
For more information, visit the Talkativo website or contact a member of the Talkativo Customer Services Team. Terms & Conditions apply.