A telephone system is highly important in the smooth running of your business. It will, no doubt, pay for itself over the period of its use, but it is an expensive item.

Leasing is used by the whole spectrum of businesses, from the sole trader to the largest blue chip corporations. There are a number of benefits to leasing, and as such, a variety of reasons as to why companies choose to lease their equipment. Typically, these are;

1. Payments are allowed against your taxable profits (100% write- off for every year of the term)
2. Conserves Capital (thus freeing up cash flow)
3. Preserves alternative funding lines.
4. Provides ease of budgeting, as costs are fixed for the period of the Lease.
5. Spread the cost of the equipment over its useful life
6. No deposit is required
7. Provides a flexibility that allows you to keep pace with technology ahead of your competitors
8. No penalty for early settlement
9. Choice of payment terms to suit requirements.

For more information regarding financing a new system, please contact your account manager at Border Communications.